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The Fantastic Three - Table Grapes Set - seedless

Perfect table grapes beginner assortment, consisting of one each blue, light and rosè grapevine. The grape varieties Vanessa (rosè), Venus (blue) and Lakemont (New York) (light) are currently among the most robust and well-known seedless varieties.

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The fantastic three - table grapes set - seedless With our table grape set "The Fantastic... more
Product information "The Fantastic Three - Table Grapes Set - seedless"

The fantastic three - table grapes set - seedless

With our table grape set "The Fantastic Three" you get a great selection of the currently probably most robust and best known seedless grape varieties. The set includes one blue, one yellow and one rosé table grape each. A perfect table grape beginner assortment!

1 Table grape - Vanessa - seedless

Vanessa is a very beautiful, seedless, rosé table grape from Canada. The grapes are medium-sized and have large, round, crisp berries with a pleasant bite. The taste is fruity sweet.

The Vanessa grape variety has made a name for itself in the last year through several publications in gardening and trade magazines and now enjoys very high demand. It has no seeds and therefore, like the "Suffolk red", it is very popular by children.

The vine has a strong growth, good frost resistance and very good tolerance to fungal diseases.

Depending on sunshine and location, harvesting of ripe grapes can begin from the beginning of September. Vanessa produces uniform, medium to high yields.

2 Table grape - Venus - seedless

Probably one of the best seedless table grape varieties!
The completely new table grape variety Venus originates from Arkansas / USA. Venus has large, loose clusters of thick, fleshy, seedless berries. The fully ripe, round berries are very tasty and have a fine aroma. Unripe berries, on the other hand, still have a slight strawberry flavor (foxton), which is lost only when fully ripe.

The grape variety has a strong growth. It is robust, has good frost hardiness and very good resistance to fungus.

The harvest of early ripening grapes can be expected from the beginning of September, depending on sunshine and location.

The leaves of this insensitive variety grow very large. Thus, Venus is well suited for shade on a pergola. In late summer, the green leaves turn red and display a highly decorative fall foliage. A feast for the eyes for any pergola or fence planting in your garden

3 Table grape - Lakemont (New York) - seedless

Lakemont - the new seedless table grape from the USA. The grapes of Lakemont (synonym: "New York") are large, elongated and compact. The yellow berries are medium-sized, round and have a pleasantly thin skin.

It is now one of the most famous and popular seedless grape varieties!

Lakemont (New York) has a relatively strong, upright growth, has good frost hardiness and good resistance to fungal diseases.

The mid-early grapes can be harvested from mid-September, depending on sunshine and climate. The yield of the crop, which is always safe, can be considered high.

All three vines have an annual graft and are delivered in a 10 cm pot. The plants already have a height of 80 cm at delivery.

The table grapes can be planted in normal garden soil. They prefer a sunny location. As with all climbing plants, a suitable climbing frame or trellis is optimal for the vines.

Avoid waterlogging if possible!

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properties "The Fantastic Three - Table Grapes Set - seedless"
Botanical name: Vitis vinifera - grapevine
Origin: USA, Canada
Hardiness: hardy
Fungal tolerance: very good, good
Ripening: early - early September, midseason - mid September
Berries: crisp, medium-sized, thin-skinned, round
Bunch of grapes: medium
Color: blue, yellow, pink
Seeds: seedless
Flavour: mildly fruity flavour, strawberrylike flavour, very flavourful
Growth: vigorous
Yield: high, medium to high
Soil requirements: any ordinary garden-soil, well drained
Site: sunny
Pot size: 10 cm
Plant size: approx. 80 cm
Use: table grape
Special features: ideal for growing on a pergola, vivid red autumn foliage colour
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Customer evaluation for "The Fantastic Three - Table Grapes Set - seedless"
6 Oct 2022

Tolles Trio!

Habe die Fantastischen Drei im März diesen Jahres gepflanzt und konnte im vergangenen September schon an 2 von drei Rebstöcken die ersten Träubchen ernten! Tolle Sorten, superlecker, echt kernlos und unkompliziert.

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