Einset seedless - kernlos - Tafeltraube, Rebe

Einset seedless - table grape


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Product information "Einset seedless - table grape"
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properties "Einset seedless - table grape"
Botanical name: Vitis vinifera - grapevine
Origin: USA
Hardiness: very hardy
Fungal tolerance: very good
Ripening: midseason - mid September
Berries: ovoid, medium-sized
Bunch of grapes: medium
Color: red
Seeds: seedless
Flavour: mildly fruity flavour, strawberrylike flavour
Growth: vigorous
Yield: high
Soil requirements: any ordinary garden-soil, well drained
Site: sunny
Pot size: 10 cm
Plant size: approx. 80 cm
Use: juice and jelly grape, table grape
Special features: rare variety, ideal for growing on a pergola
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Customer evaluation for "Einset seedless - table grape"
4 Sep 2022

Tolle süße Traube

Vor einigen Jahren gepflanzt. Kräftiger wuchs und Ende August sehr schmackhafte, absolut süße und fruchtige Früchte mit dem bereits beschriebenen Erdbeeraroma/ Himbeeraroma. Für uns eine perfekte Traube zum gleich von der Rebe essen.

12 Oct 2020

Great variety. Very happy

I bought an Einset Seedless plant from Rebschule H. Schmidt two years ago.
I chose this variety very carefully, after having read several American articles about seedless grape varieties. I didn't want an ordinary seedless grape taste you usually find in seedless grapes: you know, when there is a sweet taste, but no fragrance. This is why I chose Einset Seedless, which is an American variety. Here the discription from https://www.winegrowers.info
early-ripening, winter-hardy, red seedless grape with a unique strawberry-like flavour. The medium-sized clusters produce bright red, oval berries with tender skin. Cultural problems include susceptibility to fungal diseases. Along with Vanessa, it has probably the most commercial promise of the red seedless varieties that can be grown successfully in New York.
Bunch weight = 145 gm. Berry weight = 2.3 gm.
Rebschule H.Schmidt was the only plant shop in Europe where you can find this variety.
I ordered it. The genteleman from Rebschule was very nice. The plant arrived healthy. We planted. The first summer there were no fruits. But this year, we had many, 7 or 10 clusters of grapes. The berries look very good, some, yellow, some pink. But the most important thing is the taste. Fist - no seeds, because it is of course a seedless variety))). Second, the texture is nice, which a thick skin and a somewhat jelly-like flesh. And, third, the taste! It is sweet, sophisticated and FRAGRANT! It is not the common grape taste. It is a very unique taste, really. Today is the 12th of October, and I am still eating it, little by little. The grapes transform themselves into raisin (dried grapes) on the tree, so I eat both. The grapes are super tasty, full of vitamins and very stimulating!
If you are looking for a unique tasting variety, I recommend Einset.
I have been very happy with this variety, and am now planning to buy another Einset plant (for a friend). I also want to replace two of my other grapes, one of which died for unkown reasons, the other is sick all the time. I would like to replace one with another seedless American variety, Glenora, which seems to taste pretty good, 'like blueberries', according to the descriptions. But I am looking for a second seedless variety, with a unique taste and fragrance. What would you advice?
Thank you.
Elizabeth, 27, Nice, France
(I apologize for not speaking German, but I tried to make my English as simple as possible)))

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